Noticing allergies? Abnormal behavior? Thinning of skin? Unclear eyes? Dull coat? All of these can be because of a lack of vitamins and minerals in a Puppy’s or Dog’s diet. Isn’t it so calming to feed your puppy or dog the food free from nasty ingredients and mystery-less? Butternut Box understands our Dog’s needs and can easily refresh their taste buds. Even if your dog is a fussy eater, the recipes can change a whole mood and dogs can go out of the box when it comes to their eating habits. Because of the fact that the Butternut Box makes premium quality food based on human standards of eating. It is clean, hygienic and super tasty. It is prepared after hefty research on a balanced diet of dogs and puppies. The chefs know the right amount of nutrition dogs need for a clearer eyes and shiny skin. One doesn’t have to worry about the quality as it is prepared by the experts who know how to add magic to the food that your dog might not stop licking the bowl. The grains that we humans eat can severely cause allergies in dogs and puppies. It is necessary to refrain from consuming grains. Similarly, we cannot offer every table food that we eat to the puppies and dogs as it can be extremely hazardous for them such as sweets and desserts. They just can’t have that. Is it often considered as feeding poison to them? If it is not prepared for humans, it might not have the chef’s attention. It’s not the case with the Butternut Box. here, every meal is prepared with attention and not at all at a harsh temperature. The vegetables used in your dog meals are also meeting the quality standards for humans. Leave all your dog food worries on the Butternut Box. the meals they prepared are perfectly portioned according to the age of the puppy. The recipes are balanced and mouthwatering as puppies and dogs can’t stop eating even after they are done with their portion. Isn’t it a peace of mind for the owner when their puppy loves a meal and eats fulfilling? Same as humans, when puppies grow old and become a dog the shine in their skin lessens, the clarity in their eyes often dims, the issues of digestion increase and the list goes on. But, a good diet and a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals they need daily for staying healthier and active can help a ton.

Don’t want standard meal boxes? Get a customized meal plan exclusively prepared for your dog under a budget. What’s more arousing than this? All you need to do is to tell the store about your puppy or a dog. It will not take more than 2-3 minutes. The store will then evaluate the meal boxes and pricing based on the age, size, interest, eating patterns and habits of the puppy. Along with this, weekly meal plans will then be delivered to your doorsteps too for free. What’s more fascinating? If you find any change in the eating pattern, likes, dislikes, allergies, and eating habits, you can skip a meal, cancel or change anything from your subscription anytime. That’s completely in your hands.  Ordering the first time from the store? This might help you save 15% off o your first order. Not just this, the store is also involved in some great betterment for dogs and puppies. Every sign-up help the store in donating and rescuing dogs that need you and your support. The store genuinely loves your dog and is equally concerned with its health, immunity and strength. Our dogs have been eating from the mystery bags for years that we often buy at expensive rates and we’re also unaware of what trash they’ve been using and feeding because of our busy routines. It comes with convenience and we have been serving them for years. It is high time now. We should not compromise on our pet’s health because of our busy routine and commitments. The power that food has, actually good food enriched with vital minerals and nutrition has on health cannot be denied. The processed food even if it is organic underwent so much processing that the vitality of the organic food is lost till it reaches your dog’s bowl. Human grade meals are offered by the Butternut Box which are fresh and as good for your dog’s health. Compare if a human kept on eating tinned and packed food with additives and preservatives instead of eating fresh and healthy every day for a year. How tremendously it would affect health in a long term? Isn’t it disturbing and alarming? Similar is the case with our pets. We should encourage in helping them to eat fresh and food prepared on human standards and hygiene.

The health benefits fresh food can have on the pet’s health is uncountable whereas, some leading benefits are mentioned below:

  • The first benefit remains transparency. Yes! You can clearly see the ingredients present in the bowl, unlike those kibble brown balls that are unknown to us.

  • The protein quality is higher than the packed or processed food that can’t even be consumed by humans.

  • Free from health issues associated with additives and preservatives added to processed and canned food.

  • Made from high-quality ingredients can definitely have a positive impact on immunity.

  • Dogs are often noticed to be playful and energetic after consuming fresh and quality food.

  • The temperature is controlled and cooked under supervision to preserve the originality of the ingredient.

  • No more itching, rashes, dry coats and allergies while eating fresh.