Are looking for the best quality tools or timber for a one-off job, or a large number of building materials for a big project? If yes then Travis Perkins is the go-to online destination for finding everything you need all in one place. The company offers many categories, tools, and materials ranging from products suitable for landscaping and gardening projects to interior decorating, joinery, bathrooms, kitchens and so much more. You can find everything by taking a look through the categories or using the search function above to discover all the tools and materials you need quickly. You can browse the trade standard timber sleepers, perfect for your landscaping project here. 

Explore Timber Sleepers from Travis Perkins

Discover the range of Timber Sleepers by Travis Perkins, suitable for many uses including boundaries, edgings & planters terraces, or walkways. You can also get the 15-year guarantee that is available on selected items.

Incised Treated UC4 Sleeper

The Incised Treated UC4 Sleeper Brown, 100 x 200mm and 2.4 meters long, is an excellent choice for various landscaping and gardening projects. Perfect for constructing retaining walls, raised beds, and other outdoor structures due to their unique incised surface patterning, which ensures deeper preservative penetration. This deep treatment provides robust protection against decay and insect attacks, offering a 15-year warranty that guarantees peace of mind. 


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With a User Class 4 treatment, these sleepers are suitable for ground contact and are pressure-treated with an attractive brown finish, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Made from timber redwood or whitewood, the Incised Treated UC4 Sleeper is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The rough-sawn edge detail adds a rustic charm, while the renewable material choice aligns with environmentally conscious landscaping practices. Weighing 38.40 kg, these sleepers are substantial and sturdy, ensuring they stay in place once installed. 


To get a reliable and sustainable solution for your outdoor projects, buy Incised Treated UC4 Sleeper, for just £31.36.

Ecc Sleeper Green Treated

The Ecc Sleeper Green Treated 100 x 200mm x 2.4m is a versatile and durable option for a range of landscaping projects. These pressure-treated softwood sleepers are perfect for constructing retaining walls, garden edging, and raised beds. Raised sleeper beds are particularly beneficial as they allow for closer planting, maximizing productivity per square foot. This method of planting not only enhances plant growth but also reduces the need for walking paths within the garden bed, preventing soil compaction and promoting healthier plants. 


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The denser planting helps shade out bare soil, making it more difficult for weeds to thrive. Supplied pressure treated, offers enhanced protection against insect infestation, fungal decay, and rot, ensuring long-lasting performance. With a height of 100mm, a length of 2400mm, and a width of 200mm, these sleepers are substantial yet manageable, weighing 30.23 kg each. Made from timber, the sleepers feature a green finish that blends well with natural outdoor environments. 


Buy Ecc Sleeper Green Treated, an excellent choice for any landscaping project, for just £31.15.

Oak Timber Sleeper

The Oak Timber Sleeper 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm is a perfect choice for various natural landscaping projects. Freshly sawn and crafted from selected European hardwood, offers durability and an attractive natural oak finish. Ideal for setting boundaries and edgings, constructing planters with raised beds or borders, and creating decking, terraces, and walkways. 


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With dimensions of 100mm in width, 200mm in thickness, and 2400mm in length, these oak sleepers are substantial yet easy to install. They provide a robust and long-lasting solution for enhancing any landscape design. Whether you are aiming to build elegant garden borders or sturdy walkways, the natural beauty and resilience of these oak sleepers will ensure your projects stand the test of time. 


To get an excellent material for both functional and aesthetic outdoor applications, buy Oak Timber Sleeper, for just £48.18.

Bsw Sawn Treated Sleeper

The BSW Sawn Treated Sleeper Green 100 x 200mm x 2.4m provides an excellent solution for enhancing outdoor spaces with its decorative and versatile design. Ideal for raised beds, pathway edges, and non-structural applications, these UC3-treated garden sleepers offer durability against rot and a visually appealing green finish. Their rough-sawn edge detail adds a rustic charm to any garden or landscaping project, allowing for the creation of varied elevations and contours in outdoor settings. 


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Crafted from timber redwood or whitewood, these sleepers are renewable but not recyclable, emphasizing their sustainability and suitability for garden enhancements. With dimensions of 100mm in height, 200mm in width, and 2.4m in length, they provide ample material to create defined borders or decorative elements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. The BSW Sawn Treated Sleepers offer both practicality and style to elevate your landscaping projects.


To avail of these features buy Bsw Sawn Treated Sleeper, for just £31.24.


These were the timber sleepers by Travis Perkins, designed to meet your landscaping needs, from functional retaining walls to decorative garden edging and raised beds. Each product, such is crafted for longevity and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your outdoor projects stand the test of time. Browse the selection to find the perfect fit for your next landscaping endeavor and enhance your outdoor living with quality materials.


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