Keyzar - a brand that strives to achieve the goal of creating sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary-style jewelry designs. The brand puts in extensive efforts in every aspect of jewelry making to ensure that its designs are long-lasting and meaningful. At Keyzar Jewelry, the process of customization is made easy and fast through the use of modern technology. The brand is committed to using eco-friendly materials in every small thing they use to make jewelry like the yellow gold collection studs.

Following are the most valuable yellow gold studs by Keyzar. 

Yellow Gold Studs Collection By Keyzar 

Discover the art of studs which are made up of yellow gold by Keyzar to make you look glam on every occasion. 

Here are the top 5 studs which are crafted in yellow gold: 

Lightning Bolt Studs

These elegant-looking 12mm studs are designed in the shape of a lightning bolt. That said, the bolt represents power and elegance equipped with original diamonds, a total of 0.12 carats. 

To light up your world buy this Lightning Bolt Studs priced at $550.

Distance Mandala Studs

The design of these studs is in the form of a mandala which gives a sense of a spiritual journey. It is in the form of round moving lines which creates a delicate look. The material which is used to craft the Distance Mandala studs design is 14K yellow gold. This stud dimension is 10mm and It contains 0.2 total carats.

For an elegant look buy Distance Mandala Studs priced at $ 850.

Ribbon Bow Studs

These Ribbon Bow Studs are one-of-a-kind studs which are designed by Keyzar to give a classy and fun look to convey a sense of joy while having them in their customer`s ears. The design of this stud is in the form of a ribbon bow which has graceful curves and loops. The dimension of Ribbon Bow studs is 12mm and the total carat is 0.4ct.

To attract the gaze of others buy this Ribbon Bow Studs priced at $ 1,150.

Snowflake Studs

These studs which look like a snowflake are crafted with the thought of winter dancing sun to give a delicate and unique natural look while having them on your ears. The main ingredients which create this piece are 58.5% Gold, 30.5% Copper, 6.1% Silver and 4.7% Zinc. The dimension of the Snowflake studs is 10mm and the total carat of the stud is 0.4ct.


To have a subtle elegance look buy Snowflake Studs priced at $ 1,100

Clover Pearl Studs

The Clover Pearl Studs are a combination of flawless pearls and carefully arranged round diamonds to have extraordinary earnings. It can be worn in any gathering or with any outfit. The dimension of the Clover Pearl studs is 9.5mm and the total carat of the stud is 0.9ct.

To impress and captivate others buy this Clover Pearl Studs priced at $ 1,800.

Keyzar aims to offer its customers a diverse selection of studs which are in their yellow gold collections. This brand strives to simplify the shopping process and create unforgettable experiences for customers looking to customize their jewelry.

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