An old kitchen has a cute vintage vibe but new technology in your kitchen can make your life 10 times easier, Kitchen appliances from Travis Perkins come in good quality and at the best rates, their local stores and website have a vast range of appliances so that you can choose the one that suits your lifestyles and needs the best.

Here are a few suggestions that you can consider when renovating and upgrading your kitchen. These appliances can add to the functionality and the aesthetics of your new place.

Bosch Serie 2 60cm Integrated Dishwasher Home Connect Enabled

Some people consider the dishwasher as an additional appliance but for people with hectic jobs and busy lives, this is a lifesaver. The only time it takes is when you are loading or unloading it, the rest is taken care of by this amazing machine, you don`t even need to get up and operate the machine as it is WiFi enabled which can be controlled from the comfort of your couch. When choosing an appliance like this, you need to make sure that it doesn`t make a lot of noise, this dishwasher works eco-friendly yet very quietly ensuring a less noisy experience.


  • Five versatile wash programs for all your dishwashing needs.

  • InfoLight lets you know when the machine is running.

  • It can hold up to 12 place settings for large loads.

  • The machine only consumes 10.5 liters of water per cycle.


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To transform the way you handle dirty dishes, install this Bosch Serie 2 60cm Integrated Dishwasher Home Connect Enabled for £449.00 

NEFF Side by Side Style Fridge Freezer Frost Free Stainless Steel

NEFF Side-by-Side Style Fridge is spacious enough to store your food. Its temperature and humidity control feature keeps your food fresh and the air circulatory system keeps foods, meats, veg and fruits very plump. The easy ice dispenser saves ice tray space and the hassle of extracting ice cubes from the tray. This fridge has a sleek design that adds to the looks of your kitchen.


  • The no-frost technology saves you from the hassle of defrosting your freezer.

  • Multiairflow regulates temperature and humidity levels evenly.

  • LED Lighting saves energy by not heating up.

  • Efficient design ensures optimal freshness and convenience.



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You don`t have to worry about spoiled food in the fridge anymore as NEFF Side by Side Style Fridge keeps them fresh for a long time. Get it for £2,099.00

NEFF LED Integrated Washer Dryer White 60cm

If you live in a compact apartment and don`t have space for a separate washing area then this washing machine can become a part of your kitchen appliances. It can support up to 7 kgs and is suitable for many different fabrics like wool and cotton. This washer is gentle and doesn`t ruin your fabric so you can trust the machine with washing and drying. The LED screen on the washer makes it easier for the users to navigate through it, you can also delay the washing time for 24 hours with this washer.


  • The washer offers easy care, night wash, mixed Load, and Sports wash

  • It provides rapid 15, rinsing/spinning, fluff clean, and Drain/Spin features

  • The drying program includes a fluff removal cycle for clean clothes.

  • The delay wash program gives you up to 24 hours for flexible scheduling



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Experience laundry washing like never before with NEFF LED Integrated Washer Dryer White 60cm that comes for only £1,199.00

Candy Unbranded Three Speed Island Cooker Hood with LED Lights Stainless Steel 90cm

This versatile hood is a must-have especially for kitchens in small apartments and less ventilation, thanks to its impressive maximum extraction rate of 545 m3/hr. This helps with keeping the food smell from spreading throughout the house and prevents greasy walls near the stove. It features a washable filter that effectively captures cooking fat, ensuring a clean and fresh environment. This cooker hood is designed to adapt to any kitchen layout and offers the flexibility to either recirculate the air or remove steam outside. 


  • Supports three speeds to set airflow at your preferred level.

  • The B Energy Rating ensures efficient power usage and savings.

  • A durable aluminum filter guarantees better performance and longevity.

  • LEDs on the hood offer better cooking area lighting.


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The Unbranded Three Speed Island Cooker Hood is an efficient way to keep good airflow, you can get it for just £557.15 

Bosch Serie 2 Integrated Single Oven Stainless Steel

With this Integrated Single Oven, you don`t need to worry about your food being burnt from the outside and staying uncooked from the inside. This oven ensures proper cooking with its  3D hot air technology. With its integrated installation, this oven fits seamlessly into your cabinetry, creating a streamlined and cohesive look and enhancing the look of your overall kitchen. It also comes equipped with advanced features such as a programmable timer, temperature control, and a clear LED display which makes it easy to operate.


  • 3D Hotair ensures perfect cooking results across three levels at once.

  • Red LED display control simplifies time function navigation.

  • Its grey enamel interior allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

  • The User-friendly interface of the oven enhances the cooking experience



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Enhance your cooking experience with Bosch Serie 2 Integrated Single Oven which you can get for £279.00 


By installing all these useful appliances you can make your cooking experience a lot easier and more interesting. Travis Perkins is known for their good quality and reliability, their appliances add functionality and a modern touch to any kitchen which makes them a great choice for a kitchen upgrade

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